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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:15pm EST

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we continue on storm watch. >> you have our undivided attention. if you want to keep track of the snow forecast, go to the web site and click on the weather tab. the snow could hamper repairs on the water main break in largo. repairs are underway while businesses damaged by gushing water have begun to clean up. >> all of the debris you see behind me was pulled out of businesses here in this industrial park. all of the businesses affected by the break, they are trying to figure out exactly how to fix the massive pipe. >> the early morning water main break had drivers scrambling to call 911.
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>> its a car sitting up in the tree. somebody was chasing and they ran up on it. >> for eight hours, 50 million gallons of water spewed from the main of central avenue in the beltway. crews worked to repair the broken section of the main. the last remnants of the heavily damaged warships center were cleaned out. >> it is a vacant building now. that's all. you hate to lose your home, but god provides a way. we will have another place. >> tap water remains off-limits to about 4000 residents. this in home day care is being extra cautious about exposure wh
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the faces of the kids after meals and snacks. we also use bottled water to drink. >> samples during theexttwo days will allow the boiled water advisor to be lifted, but that will not likely happen until thursday night. authorities say the system needs to flush itself out before the water is considered safe. you can see the heavy machinery has been moved in. tomorrow, they will begin the work in earnest. there are claims adjusters out here to talk to businesses affected by the breakage yesterday. as for the church, several other houses of worship in the area have offered their sanctuary for this church to worship in. >> good to see the community coming together.
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breaking news this hour involving metro -- fourth klan and weaken the crustaceans have opened after smoke in the tunnels forced metric to shut down the stations. the stations closed after 2:00 because of reports of smoke on a red line train headed toward a shady grove. the smoke was caused by malfunctioning brakes. the train that now resumed their normal routine. the fbi raided a home in miller's today and they arrested a man who is not who he claims to be. william hillar says the movie "taken" was about his life. but his story seems to be unraveling. >> is a wild story. the fbi claims the man told everybody who would listen that he was a retired army special forces colonel. he was not. the claim by the fbi is that for years this man invented a
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persona said that he could market himself as a speaker, a teacher and trainer. in the movie "taken" and ex cia agent is trying to rescue his kidnapped daughter. for several years, this man has claimed his life and his daughter's murder inspired the movie. for 10 years, has marketed himself as an ex u.s. special forces colonel and expert in human trafficing, counterterrorism, and law enforcement ethics. the fbi claims is all a lie. he was never in the army, has no college degree, and his daughter was alive and well and never taken. >> i am absolutely flabbergasted. he was a wonderful web of deceit, including for everyone around here. >> his next-door neighbor speaking -- his -- he was
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arrested this morning during an fbi raid. >> it is unbelievable. >> he is charged with rigging of a california school where he was hired to teach based on his claims. sources say his lies run deep and will embarrass a member of government agencies, including the fbi where he was hired to teach ethics and integrity. prosecutors say investigators still don't know who he really is. neighbors say they have a clue. >> the whole life story, to make that up to draw attention to himself is i think very sad. >> even though he was in handcuffs today, he seemed unrepentant in court when a judge inquired about his finances. he says he plans to continue working as a lecturer, teacher and trader on these exact same subject. a federal prosecutor got up and said that statement to him was concerning.
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the be debbie parkway is opened after a carjacking shut it down during the morning commute. officers close the area to search for evidence. at around 3:00, the gunman held up a victim who was parked on the side of the road to make a phone call. the gunmen fired a shot and stole the car. two suspects are now in custody. no one was hurt. a crash involving a trash truck killed a woman in gaithersburg. here is the wreckage. montgomery county police have not said what caused the accident. the driver was not hurt. it has been one year since his remains were found in virginia. today, police retraced the steps into her murder. the student left the arena and was found dead on a farm after a
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concert. her parents went out with police today. let's go live to charlottesville for more on the story. >> this is a heart wrenching experience, going to this place. in the years since the remains were found, investigators here have determined there is a dna link between what was found on her body and the rape of a woman in fairfax city. no identity of a suspect, but today, it was time for the family to come to the place where she was laid to rest. it has taken a year to get to this place. the delay was not from physical distance but emotional devastation. this field is where their 20- year-old daughter's remains were found. >> i had to be here and looked and see if there was anything here. >> this remote location is a
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clue. it's so hard to get to that the killer must have a connection to it. >> it must be somebody that knows this place well. >> investigators showed what they believe to be the last steps she traveled, path to a mysterious and violent and. >> the back to her cellphone was sound in the parking lot. >> these images taken on october 17th, 2009, are the last pictures of her, who left the building before the concert began. >> she dropped her purse a couple of times, spilling its contents. >> the purse was later found in parking lot. witnesses say they saw her hitchhiking on the bridge that is a memorial to her now. she is taken some 7 miles from the campus were decomposed body was found three months after she vanished. >> there was an evil man or men
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here who killed my daughter. we want them found and taken out of society. >> virginia state police say this is by no means a cold case. they get leads every day and tips from the public and as an incentive, there is a $150,000 award available leading to the rest in this case. a dozen lawmakers from the maryland house and senate kicked off their push for gay marriage today. in annapolis, the senate and house majority leader outlined a bill that would legalize same- sex marriage. a poll released this morning shows 51% of registered voters support gay marriage. we are getting close to showtime here in washington. president obama and congress are gearing up for the state of the union address.
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from what we have learned, we can expect a speech to focus on the economy and bipartisanship. also, there will be a symbolically and d.c. inside the capitol tonight. let's get more on tonight's expected state of the union. >> the president spot -- president's speech tonight will follow the theme of how we win the future. he hopes that will appeal to not allow members of his own party but to republicans and tea party members. it will be a very bipartisan speech, talking about saving jobs, cutting spending, and the lessons learned from the tragedy of the tucson. a brief preview of the president's speech tonight, with a hint of confidence. >> i think it will be ok. i hope so, anyway. >> a top priority is finances for a nation struggling with unemployment. in the plan, a five-year freeze on discretionary spending and an end to your marks.
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though republican leaders are skeptical. >> i hope the word investment really is not more stimulus spending and a bigger government here in washington. >> the town tonight may seem less divided. >> in this town, it is never a bad thing. i don't know how long it will last, but why not? >> dozens of opponents are crossing the aisle to sit with each other. >> if we cannot sit together on an import night like this, how can we face the challenges this country has? >> we are not afraid to sit next to each other. >> it will be a more somber setting in light of the assassination attempt on rep gabrielle giffords. a c will be left empty and the parents of 9-year-old kristi the grain will be sitting with the first lady. -- christina green will be sitting with the first lady. >> how does he show he has
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learned his lessons from the midterm election and how does he show the american people he can do what he said he would, which is to bring the country together? >> he will be giving this speech in a now republican-controlled house, one that just a few hours ago announced it plans to reduce spending to 2008 levels. the republican response tonight will be delivered by paul ryan of wisconsin. there will also be an added response tonight from the tea party delivered michele bachmann of minnesota. coming up, the u.s. naval academy expelled several midshipmen. we will take your right to seize the new technology in action. what is in talks bell's beef? the oscar
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